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Global Vision

One of the reasons why I fight so hard against the ideas of religion is because I see religion as detrimental to human progress. Religious thinking divides people, focuses people on ancient mythologies, and gets in the way of our global vision.

The Hard Truth About Religion

A lot of times when atheists argue with or debate with religious believers, we actually take their beliefs seriously and try to refute their claims with logic and reason. This is great and we should definitely keep doing that, but… The hard truth about religion is that almost all of them are flat out ridiculous and we can’t lose sight of that either.

Religion Is Comfortable With Science… Only To A Point

Whenever the debate arises between science and religion, there are generally liberal theistic believers who come forward to express their support for science while touting their religious identity. These liberal theistic believers then declare that there is no debate between science and religion. They are wrong!