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Shifting the Political Landscape in Support of Atheists

If you are an atheist and care about politics, then you really need to support Arizona congressional candidate James Woods. He is the Democratic challenger against a Republican incumbent in a heavily Republican district. On the plus side, he is doing everything right. He isn’t running from his atheism like most politicians in his position. He is actively using his humanist values as a positive.

Being Visible Is Important

Wolfe Blitzer infamously asked Rebecca Vitsmun if she “thanked the Lord.” Arizona State Representative Juan Mendez presented a humanist “prayer” during the House prayer time. And all across the nation, whenever atheists put up a billboard (no matter how watered down) it generates media attention and controversy.

An Atheist ‘Prayer’

Bravo to Arizona State Representative Juan Mendez for using his “opening prayer” to give a secular humanist prayer. That’s right, when politicians push for prayer in politics, they should realize that not all politicians are actually Christian. Rep. Mendez for example is an atheist. Here is his “prayer”: