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‘Lots of Evidence For God’ – I’ll Bite

I recently left a comment somewhere on the interwebs that there is no valid evidence for any deities. It is a frequent comment I make to start a conversation and challenge religious believers. One religious believer commented back that there was lots of evidence for God – to which I laughed out loud.

Reason and Circular Reasoning

It is no secret that I think Christianity is a ridiculous religion however the belief in a deity in and of itself is not necessarily ridiculous. It is just improbably and there is no valid evidence to support such a belief. I have heard many arguments for God and most of which are pretty poor. There is one argument that I do find challenging and I think that atheists really need to address this argument in a compelling way.

The Violent Imagery of The Crucifix

The company that I was working for a number of years ago had a special workshop on inappropriate imagery in the workplace. The idea of the workshop is to make sure that all the employees treated each other respectfully and didn’t offend each other. One of the topics covered dealt with shirts and jewelry of an offensive nature. So I brought up the crucifix.

Atheists Shouldn’t Give Religious Apologists Credibility

When I was in college, just about every Christian fundamentalist I knew recommended that I read Christian apologist Josh McDowell. He was held up as “the guy” that would convert me. At some point, a Christian friend even bought me McDowell’s most well-known work, “More Than a Carpenter.” To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.