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Christians Are Offended Again

I was listening to my local NPR station the other day and came across an interesting story. Artists created a mural in Philadelphia and surprise, surprise, Christians were offended and destroyed the mural because that’s what people do when they are offended.

A True Scotsman

One of the most disturbing things about the Chapel Hill shooting is that the shooter, Craig Hicks, is an active atheist online. His Facebook page looks a lot like my Facebook page… minus the photo of the weight of his gun. We even have 77 Facebook friends in common.

‘No-Go Zones’ In America!

The sad fact is that there really are “No-Go Zones” all over the world; even in America. But it is theists that are restricting freedom of non-theists. There are plenty of places in America and the rest of the world where being an open atheist invites violence from “peace-loving” religious believers.

Violence Equals Cowardice!

Fundamentalist religious believers went on a shooting rampage in Paris apparently over a cartoon poking fun at the Muslim prophet Mohammad — intolerance be upon him. While reading up on this breaking story, I saw a 2012 quote from Charlie Hebdo journalist Laurent Leger. The quote reads, “You don’t throw bombs, you discuss, you debate. But you don’t act violently. We have to stand and resist pressure from extremism.”

Christians Gonna Hate

A year and a half after Jessica Ahlquist won her fight to secularize her school by having a Christian prayer banner removed she still faces hate and threats of violence from Christians. Obviously not all Christians are hateful assclowns, but the fact is that many of them are and it really shouldn’t be such a surprise.

The Violent Imagery of The Crucifix

The company that I was working for a number of years ago had a special workshop on inappropriate imagery in the workplace. The idea of the workshop is to make sure that all the employees treated each other respectfully and didn’t offend each other. One of the topics covered dealt with shirts and jewelry of an offensive nature. So I brought up the crucifix.