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Local Theocracy Runs Atheists Out of Town

The Constitution is supposed to protect us from religious theocracy, but it has failed. West Chester, Pennsylvania is once again using religion and religious values to run and attempt to run atheists out of town. Here I present to you two stories that should frighten and motivate you.

The Salvation Army Is On The March

Stores have started to put out their Christmas decorations and yesterday the restaurant I ate lunch at was invaded by the Salvation Army. I guess it is time to gear up for this year’s War on Christmas.

Religious Impasse

Over the last few months, I have become fascinated by Christian mega-church pastor Rob Bell. I recently reviewed his latest book and interviewed him about the book. Yesterday, I stumbled upon an interesting debate Rob Bell had with fellow Christian Andrew Wilson. I love me some Christian vs. Christian debates.

An Atheist ‘Prayer’

Bravo to Arizona State Representative Juan Mendez for using his “opening prayer” to give a secular humanist prayer. That’s right, when politicians push for prayer in politics, they should realize that not all politicians are actually Christian. Rep. Mendez for example is an atheist. Here is his “prayer”:

Speculation on the Boston Marathon Bombing

I don’t have cable so I don’t watch my news on television. This means that I don’t have the “benefit” of the endless analysis and speculation that has almost certainly been going on non-stop on all the 24/7 news channels. Instead, I read my news online so I generally get mostly the facts and only a small amount of speculation. Based on that, I have some thoughts and speculations of my own.

The Health Insurance Companies Brainwashed You!

Despite what insurance companies would like you to believe, it doesn’t cost you more when someone else is doing something that isn’t healthy. The insurance companies have been propagating this myth that you have to pay more because they have to cover unhealthy people. It simply isn’t true.

Conference & Network Launch

It has been a busy weekend. First, I attended the PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference on Saturday and now I’ve moved Dangerous Talk to the Skeptic Ink Network. I’m still busy tweaking the new site and trying to catch up from the weekend. Oh, and it was Blasphemy Day on Sunday too.