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Bill Nye’s Missed Opportunity

Last night I watched the Nye/Ham debate. I know a lot of atheists got on Bill’s shit for even standing next to a hack like Ham, but I was not one of them. As an atheist, I am forced to debate ridiculous beliefs all the time. Ignoring ridiculous beliefs won’t make them go away. Creationism is a ridiculous belief and Bill Nye the Science Guy couldn’t ignore; he had to debate against it and I support that.

Atheists Need to Support Our Political Allies

In today’s political climate, it is not surprising that politicians only seem to come out of the atheist closet after leaving office. The reason for this is that being an open atheist is toxic to a politician’s political career. Not only that, but associating with atheists is even considered toxic. However there are a few politicians who are willing to risk at least that and they deserve our support.

The Sunday Assembly Schism

That aside, CNN’s belief page recently published a story about how there is a great schism within the Sunday Assembly. Apparently, the Sunday Assembly in NYC had some problems when the London based leaders told the local leaders to distance themselves from atheism. Lee Moore talks about the problems he had with that and why he and others decided to form the Godless Revival instead.