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Jarred Back To Reality

I was having a discussion with a Christian recently and we were talking about blood sacrifice and how Jesus was the Innocent Lamb of God. My Christian friend reminded me that because of the sacrifice of Jesus we don’t need to sacrifice animals any more. That reminder jarred me back into reality and I had to remind my Christian friend what century this is.

Testing The Source of Morality

Religious believers love to claim that God is the only possible source for morality. While I have made it clear in a previous article that God does not ground morality at all and that the true source of morality is human empathy and compassion, many religious believers still hold on to their dogmatic view. Not to worry, I have developed a test to see which one of us is correct.

‘Man of Steel’ Is Not About Jesus

I recently saw the new Superman film, “Man of Steel” and the religious media is ablaze with talk about how the film was “filled” with Christian references. To be honest, I really didn’t see any Christian references in the film… at least not any more than one can pull out of any film if you were intent on finding them.

Abraham’s Choice: The Story of Brother Stephen

A number of years ago, when I was doing the Dangerous Talk radio show on WCUR 91.7 FM in West Chester, I had a fundamentalist Christian preacher on the show who went by the name, Brother Stephen. Brother Stephen and his friends would travel to different Universities and tell everyone that they were going to Hell… even the other fundamentalists Christians.