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Humor and Tragedy

Yesterday, tragedy struck the city of Boston as two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. At least three people have died and over a hundred are wounded with some even losing limbs. The photos are horrific and heart wrenching but the good news is that the world continues to spin.

Christmas Whine

Christians are always whining that atheists of trying to ruin Christmas. They say that we are “party-poopers” and that we are “pissing on their parade.” They even call us “big meanies.” Why? Because we demand equal treatment and because we put up billboards advertising our ideas to our demographics.

Free Saber 2.0

Despite the fact that I keep correcting journalists when they call Egyptian atheist activist, Alber Saber a “Coptic Christian,” most journalists don’t know who he is or what has happened to him. His story remains a fringe story banished to the rarely read religion sections of most media outlets.