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Rabbi Wolpe, Me, and Theodicy

Rabbi David Wolpe was named the most influential Rabbi in the country by Newsweek Magazine in 2012. He is also no stranger to high profile debates with atheists like Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris. Recently he posted an interesting meme on his Facebook page which inspired me to make a comment. Wolpe responded and I want to share our brief exchange and my thoughts about it in more detail. Here is the meme:

New Facebook Page

A while ago, I created a Facebook page specifically for Dangerous Talk, but it really didn’t take off the way I was hoping it would for a variety of reasons. For starters, I mainly posted there at 2am and as a result fewer people saw those posts on their feeds. Also, I had one other content creator and he was busy with his own stuff and didn’t post there that often either. But mainly I think the problem was that most people don’t know what Dangerous Talk is. The name alone could mean anything. It just isn’t descriptive enough to people outside of my blog.

When Religious Believers Get Hateful

I made a comment on the Huffington Post Religion’s Facebook page the other day that I didn’t believe Jesus actually existed. Now one can debate whether my belief is valid or not, but that isn’t what one Christian chose to do. No, one particular Christian decided to lash out in hate toward me instead.

Humor and Tragedy

Yesterday, tragedy struck the city of Boston as two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. At least three people have died and over a hundred are wounded with some even losing limbs. The photos are horrific and heart wrenching but the good news is that the world continues to spin.

Building A Facebook Community

When I started Dangerous Talk, I wanted it to be a community of people who could explore politically incorrect topics. I wanted it to be a community of geeks who weren’t afraid to dare to be different. I wanted it to be a community of Dangerous Talkers. Over the years, I have gotten away from that and I want to move it back in that direction.