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Atheism Isn’t a Choice

Religious believers often claim that atheists choose to not believe in God for various reasons. Some will even say that our choice not to believe is just a phase. Obviously I disagree with that point of view, but more than that I disagree with the premise that atheism or even belief is a choice at all.

It’s Easy To Convince An Atheist

It seems that every time I get into a conversation with a Christian these days, they have to assure themselves that I am as closed minded as they are. First they brag about how dogmatic they are and then they turn around and accuse me of being dogmatic. This is where I blow their minds and explain to them just how easy it is to convince an atheist that God exists.

‘Lots of Evidence For God’ – I’ll Bite

I recently left a comment somewhere on the interwebs that there is no valid evidence for any deities. It is a frequent comment I make to start a conversation and challenge religious believers. One religious believer commented back that there was lots of evidence for God – to which I laughed out loud.