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Eliminating Religion

A religious believer recently expressed the view that “New Atheists” seek to eliminate religion. The way it was phrased made me think that the religious believer thought that atheists were planning some kind of Nazi style eugenics to hunt down and murder all religious believers. This of course is ridiculous and yet many religious believers think that this is what “New Atheism” is all about.

Rise of the ‘New Mathematicians’

There is a dogmatic movement within Mathematics to get people to abandon their deeply held belief that 2+2=5. These “New Mathematicians” don’t respect everyone’s opinion about Math. Instead, they not only wish to push their own view of math on others, but they actually go out of their way to tell those with differing beliefs that our math is wrong. Worse yet, these “New Mathematicians” are preaching this view in schools and trying to make children as hateful and bigoted as they are about math.