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9-11 and Political Correctness

I’m a pretty progressive person, but there is one thing that I think many of my fellow liberals get wrong. Maybe it is because I am a former radio talk show person, but I never liked political correctness. I see it as the enemy of free speech and free expression. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that words have power and there are consequences for saying certain things, but I also think that humor – dark humor in particular – can have a healing quality to it. The down side is that dark humor sometimes is politically incorrect and taken out of context might offend the very people it seeks to heal.

4 Things Atheists Should Be Doing

Atheism is on the rise in America and yet we are constantly discriminated against and marginalized because of our lack of belief in imaginary friends. For atheists who value reason, logic, and the scientific method, it sometimes seems like the inmates have taken over the asylum. But it shouldn’t have to be like this. Atheists make up a larger percentage of the American population than Jews, Muslims, and every other non-Christian religion in America combines. If we want to be less marginalized, there are things we can and should be doing.

The Sunday Assembly Schism

That aside, CNN’s belief page recently published a story about how there is a great schism within the Sunday Assembly. Apparently, the Sunday Assembly in NYC had some problems when the London based leaders told the local leaders to distance themselves from atheism. Lee Moore talks about the problems he had with that and why he and others decided to form the Godless Revival instead.

Ethical Evolution

I’ve been an atheist activist for a long time now and I want to tell you why. It isn’t just because I lack a belief in deities; it is because I have realized that belief in deities has and continues to impede human progress – not just technologically, but morally.

Black and White Thinking

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who are like me and those who are different from me. Those who are different from me can’t be reasoned with because they are different than me on a fundamental level. I believe in inclusion but those that are different from me categorize people into two groups of people. Because they are different from me, they deserve to be belittled and attacked. We need to drive them out of our community and make them social pariahs.

Thoughts On Secular Community’s Open Letter

Recently, some of the leaders of organizations from the greater community of reason have signed on to an open letter to address the infighting within the atheist online community. I hate talking about this and I sincerely hope this will be the last time.

Anti-Drama Pledge

Lee Moore of A-News recently offered to sit down with the two warring sides of the atheist infighting in an attempt to mediate the dispute. He continues to push for this and that’s great. Now Daniel Fincke of The Camels With Hammers adds his own attempt to end the infighting by issuing a “Civility Pledge.”