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Posted by on Mar 16, 2013 in Uncategorized | 5 comments

TV series “Closer to Truth” 11 clips of myself on assorted topics: God, Mind and Reality

I am currently appearing on several episodes of “Closer to Truth”, the TV series on Cosmos, Consciousness and God. It goes out in the US and elsewhere and features very many high-profile academics. I was flattered to be included. Online clips of myself on the following 11 topics can be found here (click HERE or individual links below).


  1. I will try to watch at least some of these talks in the coming weeks. All of them look really good as I appreciate your work so much! I hope others do as well.

  2. Thanks John. The clips were filmed in the therapist’s room from “The King’s Speech”. It was a strange building. The jacuzzi in basement is often used in porn films, I was told.

  3. Excellent short clip! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice turnabout of Plantinga’s evolution as self-defeating argument.

  5. CTT are some of the best things on the internet. So glad you are on there, Stephen!

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