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Posted by on Jan 21, 2013 in Uncategorized | 6 comments

In conversation with Richard Dawkins – THINK week event


Location: Sheldonian Theatre

Friday, February 15th, 7:30

Professor Dawkins and philosopher Stephen Law discuss the major issues of import to humanists and atheists at a time when opposition to rationalist thought appears to be on the rise.

Other Oxford THINK week events here. Tickets on sale though the above sold out. I am also chairing the Wednesday 13th event “Do you fear death, or dying?” 7pm.


  1. This seems exciting to me. Wish I could attend.

  2. Stephen – your photo there looks like the person taking the photo has made the most naive of philosophical statements, and you are looking at them with intellectual disdain! I like it! 😉

  3. Will video of the events be available sometime?

    • Yes it will….

  4. Good work done on Friday, with Prof Dawkins. He is too clever by half, and I have long since lost patience with him. I enjoyed your responses though. I hope a video or transcript will be available?
    And what is the significance of his ‘Bitches’ remark? I asked around but no-one knew the reason for all the laughter. I guess I am missing something.
    Anyway, well done. Alex wishes he could have been there.
    We are still jazz-jamming on the first Weds of every month at the James Street Tavern. Hope to see you. CN

    • Thanks might try and make the next jam – see you there.

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