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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Myself talking with Peter Atkins, Richard Swinburne, Ard Louis (and Richard Dawkins)

Here is a fairly long video of a discussion between myself, Richard Swinburne (philosopher), Peter Atkins (chemist), Ard Louis (physicist), and also Richard Dawkins (who was in the audience) at one point. The theme was Life, The Universe and Everything – The Quest for Truth.

My main contribution is at 39 mins 30sec.

(nb. Dawkins is at 1hr 18 min 20 sec [he has a pop at Swinburne and me] and my response to Dawkins at 1hr 24 min 30 sec).

I posted on this before (includes transcript of what I said about philosophy), shortly after the recording. Go here.

This included quite a good discussion on the nature and value of philosophy, I thought.





  1. I can’t find the like or share buttons on this page, but I shared your original link via Twitter.

  2. Stephen,
    regarding the “mirror problem”, there’s a video on YouTube ft Richard Feynman commenting on it, which you might find interesting. here’s the link:

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