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Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Craig debate | 0 comments

What Craig said… (II)

Thinking a bit more…

I suspect a real problem question for a Craig type Christian is, if the atheist knows God exists, and knows the penalty for denying God exists is infinite punishment, and the reward for acknowledging belief is infinite bliss, why does the atheist “suppress” their knowledge of, and deny, God’s  existence?


Sure, Craig thinks the atheist’s denial is born of “wickedness”. But that’s not a motive. A wickedly selfish and self-serving person, when given an “offer they can’t refuse” by a mafia boss, will take the offer, not refuse it.

Craig’s God gives us atheists a choice – admit what we clearly see and know to be true, and get a pass to heaven, or deny what we know, and receive infinite torment.

Why do we freely and knowingly choose that latter? How does Craig make sense of that choice? Surely,  a selfish, self-serving person would choose the former?

I’m genuinely interested…. when it comes to my freely choosing infinite torment, what do I think is in it for me?

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