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Posted by on May 18, 2011 in events | 0 comments

“Believing Bullshit” published 23rd May in UK (already out in U.S.)

“Believing bullshit” is published 23rd May, not 15th, as I was previously told, which is why currently mentions a delay of “one to three weeks”. But it’s coming!

I will be interviewed about the book on Steve Wright’s Radio 2 programme, and also in New Scientist magazine (early June). Plus maybe some other things….

The book is already published and available on in the U.S.

“Stephen Law offers us not only a primer on how not to believe but about why so many people do believe-bullshit, despite the lack of evidence for such beliefs, or even in the face of disconfirmatory evidence. It is a roadmap to a promised land free of undue credulity, where the best ideas win and ‘intellectual black holes’ no longer suck people in. Believing Bullshit should be read by every college freshman and every person seeking public office, and its strategies memorized and put to use by every critical thinker.” –D. J. Grothe, President of the James Randi Educational Foundation and host of For Good Reason

There are some interesting bullshit related events around about publication. First, the book won’t be published because world ends May 21st.

Second, it’s the huge Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in London 25th-30th May. An entire Festival of bullshit (well, mostly). I might go and see Diana Cooper, who is charging punters just £35 to attend this workshop:

Diana Cooper
The Cosmic Golden Keys

Sirius holds the keys to time, speed, dimensions and our connection with the universe. Today we will also open the doors to the nature kingdom, sacred geometry, sonic sounds and the cosmic heart. When you understand one Key to the Universe you expand your consciousness. When you can access them all you become an enlightened ascended master. This session will prepare you for 2012 and beyond.
The Keys to the Universe (Hollow Earth)

This life-changing workshop explores the sacred mystery of Hollow Earth and the Keys held there. Now for the first time can we access this ancient wisdom and knowledge. Sharing specific sounds, exercises and other tools, you will unlock some of the keys to the five golden ages, the wisdom of ancient civilizations and the kingdoms, including the secrets of the angelic, bird and animal kingdoms.

Would be money well spent, I think.
Mind Body Spirit Manchester Festival

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