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Posted by on Feb 12, 2011 in creationism | 0 comments

Ken Ham educates some kids about dinosaurs etc.

Ken Ham, perhaps the world’s leading creationist nutcase, educates some school children about dinosaurs, fossils, and so on. Not sure I’d call it “brain washing”, but it is, er, a little worrying!

Ken’s pop quizz starts: Ken: “Next time someone says ‘millions of years ago’, what do you say?” Chorus: “Were you there?” It’s worth playing a few times just to hear properly what they’ve been so well-trained by Ken to say.

An evangelical church, which intends to teach creationism as part of its science curriculum, has submitted a proposal to open a free school in Nottinghamshire.

The Everyday Champions Church in Newark handed its plans to open a 625-pupil secondary school in the area to the Department for Education last week.

The application came just a day before the DfE held its first free school conference, where education secretary Michael Gove said applications from creationist groups would be considered, with each judged on its individual merits.

According to the church, the Everyday Champions Academy will possess a “Christian ethos that permeates everything that happens throughout the school”.

The church states that it believes the Bible is an “accurate” depiction of God’s word, and that God is the “creator of all things”. (from TES)

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