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Posted by on Jan 16, 2010 in problem of evil | 0 comments

Haiti: Problem of evil and Sentamu vs Robertson

Letter on NSS Newsline here.

I awoke this morning (Thursday 14 January) to the struggled musings of John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, on the Today programme. He was attempting to reconcile the supposed existence of a loving, omnipotent God with the tragic events in Haiti. The only appropriate response he was able to muster was that he could offer “nothing which makes sense of the horrors”. Had he paused at that point, then he would, at least, have been intellectually honest. But, no, he meandered onwards to utter several irrelevant, rambling, and borderline absurd opinions… read on.

Programme available for a short time here. I share the frustration of the author of the letter – what on Earth is Archbishop Sentamu on about (process theodicy?)?

Pat Roberston has a different view on Haiti: “True story…”. At least Robertson’s explanation is clear.

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