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Results of debate in Malawi

Thanks to George Thindwa for this…


Debate took place on 27th December 2009 in Lilongwe, Malawi

These are the phone-in text messages that were received on the debate. (The English translation is in brackets where caller used local language)

1. I am glad God is in control during this debate – Mr Weston-Time: 27/12/2009 20:14:37
2. Christianity is real and acts as a safety valve, without it there could be total uncontrollable murder, theft, etc. If we revolved from monkeys, who created monkeys then? I’m Thakatwayo Mbizi, Mzimba District (north).
3. Humanism is a disgrace to our Christian country. ALLEN. time: 27/12/2009 20:17:44
4. Humanism: can change our country to better a Malawi, we are ready to welcome the humanist; they should be some sought of changes. Joel Twanjo Chihana, Karonga district.
5. To claim there is no God is to play god. To suggest that human beings are a product of evolution is to suggest that a radio or computer is superior to man. Steven. Time: 27/12/2009 20:21:59
6. Malawi has been, is and will forever be a Christian nation. People should always edit their words before they speak them to avert his wrath – Kalivute from Nthesa Village in Ntchisi district. Time: 27/12/2009 20:20:44
7. Abodza enawo chikritsu ndiye chowona. Alape lero, muwabatize abusa achakwela ine gift magunda. (Those Humanists are liars. Christ is the truth. They should repent and be baptised by Pastors) -Kabindiza Village.G DEDZA. Time: 27/12/2009 20:15:28
8. If atrocities take place in unreligious/unchristian society. Can humanism explain who is responsible for this? Moses Kasitomu. Blantyre district.
9. Mulungu ndiye mwini chitukuko asamanyoze yehova chifukwa alemela lero. (God is the owner of development. Humanists should not degrade God because they have become rich today)-Time: 27/12/2009 20:13:57
10. The country belongs to all.- M. Chingomanje from South Africa. Time: 27/12/2009 20:17:13
11. Secular humanism ilibe malo in Malawi. Amenewo akadwala amafuna KHRISTU akumkanayo, (Humanism has no place in Malawi. Those humanists when sick they will want Christ the one they are despising)-Boxer, Dowa district.
12. If he said that there is no God. Who create this world and he will meet God at the end of his life.Time: 27/12/2009 20:12:36
13. To humanists: why should u be good today if u don’t believe in life after death? What keeps a poor humanist from stealing if he is sure that his action won’t bring him eternal condemnation? Bizwick Kainga, Blantyre- Time: 27/12/2009 20:36:31
14. Who is your God? Why is it that you differ to answer!! You Christians. Time: 27/12/2009 20:36:37
15. Pa 2 timoteo 3:1-4 akukamba za masiku otsiriza zimene anthuwa ndikufuna kungosokera anthu. Chi Khristu ndi chabwino kwa aMalawi chifukwa chirikuteteza. ( Timothy 3:1-4 talks about the end times. Those humanists want to confuse people. Christianity is good to Malawians because it protects us)- Victor Mphande. Time: 27/12/2009 20:34:17
16. The humanists don’t know what they are saying. 1- I can hear them doubting often, they are always saying may be, may be. 2- Read the Bible Isaac wasn’t killed. Better shut up if u don’t know. Mazibayao Kamata, ICA, Lilongwe.
17. Christianity is the hub of mankind the world over. Diverson Bwanankubwa,Manja,Blantyre- Time: 27/12/2009 20:38:14
18. If they are saying we are from monkeys, then who created monkeys? Kungoti our god is good, if I were god ndikanangowalanga pomwepo Brighton Magongwa area 23. Time: 27/12/2009 20:32:57
19. Christianity is real and anyone there knows. If you play with God, you will face wrath. Blessings Mlowoka, Mzuzu .
20. Bravo humanists we welcome you. God is not good. Religion is counter progressive. Malawi needs to progress- Banda Lilongwe- Time: 27/12/2009 20:31:02
21. Development can be there even without Christianity. Were people from the Old Testament Christians? Elaborate on this using the Bible. Cosmas Banda. Area 12.
22. U can be a loser by following humanism. You lose nothing by following God, and you’ll perish, it will be proved that God is real at the end. John Ngulube MZUZU
23. Chi krisitu ntchakukhumbika mMalawi, wanji wakubwelebweta waka .Chiuta ntchindele yai pakutipa chalu cha mtende. (Christianity is good for Malawi, others are just talking nonsense. God is not stupid for giving us a peaceful Malawi)-Allan Mphande-Mzimba West,Mphimbi.
24. Thindwa Wamwana, Leka Kuteta. Wezi Banda -Mpherembe, Mzimba district. (George Thindwa, young man, stop lying)- Mzimba District. Time: 27/12/2009 20:54:04
25. Religious people live by faith. Faith is blind belief. Therefore, Christians are blind followers. Open your eyes and see. John Lilongwe-Time: 27/12/2009 20:51:34
26. Speaking against God and Jesus is blasphemous, repent now or you perish. Aubrey Ngoma- Mzimba District – Time: 27/12/2009 20:44:42
27. Many pastors abuse God for their benefit, instil fear in people so they can reap more from them. Phil. Lilongwe.
28. Olakwa ndinu nonse akhristu muli pompo chifukwa mukupepusa dzina la Ambuye Yesus Christ. Asiyeni akufa aikane akufa okhaokha. (The wrong ones are you Christians who are there at the debate because you are belittling the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Leave them those humanists , they want to bury each other themselves when they die)-S.Chilonga.Chinsapo.LL.
29. Humanists! Did the Israelites evolve from monkeys? If God favours them, why not us because we are alike. Thus you can agree that there is real God. Fortune. Chiradzulu. Time: 27/12/2009 21:03:41
30. Kodi okhulupilira umunthuwa analembetsa kapena ndi odziwika ndi boma? Anthuwa ngosokonekela ndipo atisokoneza, tichenjere. (Are these humanists registered with Government? These people are confused and they will confuse us, let us be on the alert)-Wezi Banda- Time: 27/12/2009 21:28:19
31. Am glad that humanists are also quoting verses from the bible, it means that they know the truth but they only choose to ignore it. This isn’t strange. Blantyre district-Time: 27/12/2009 21:08:55
32. Morality is not a Christian monopoly. It is a social product.–Sam, Lilongwe. Time: 27/12/2009 21:05:09
33. There is not even a single sensible point that Humanists have said to capture my attention. Shaba Allen
Time: 27/12/2009 21:01:57
34. Abusa Achakwela amenewo ndi ana abadwa chikristu chilipo kale asatinamize. atuluke Mmalawi muno. (Pastor Chakwera, those humanist are children born after Christianity is already established. They should not tell us lies. They should leave this country)-Makina Spacious, Lilongwe. Time: 27/12/2009 21:01:49
35. Becoz it is the only satisfying answer to the question: why is there something rather than nothing? A question of purpose & not function of lyf &or our existence. Ngosi, Mzuzu. Time: 27/12/2009 21:00:27
36. These people talking against God will one day seek God on their dying beds-P.S Seira. Time: 27/12/2009 20:59:51
37. Those on the humanism desk know the truth. They disagree just for the sake of educational purposes. Lot Manda – Mzuzu. Time: 27/12/2009 20:58:06
38. Human Rights are founded on the 10 commandments. From Olivia Liwewe, scholar. Time: 27/12/2009 20:56:08
39. Christianity is supreme in Malawi. Where would Malawi be without Christianity? No God, no science. God gave scientists brains, He controls everything. Hilda, Blantyre .Time: 27/12/2009 20:55:07
40. Can the humanists explain how they came into existence themselves? Who and what is their ancestor. Let them explain their link scientifically. Michael- Mzuzu. Time: 27/12/2009 20:53:18
41. This is blasphemy at its best. U say these humanists are Malawians? Anjatidwe manja amenewo. (Arrest them). Christianity is the best thing for Malawi, Vincent Kumwenda Mulanje. Time: 27/12/2009 20:51:53
42. There was a parliamentarian who he believed in no God, but he cried 4 God’s rescue when his boat overturned on his way to Likoma Island, what was he crying for?-Jon Mulera-Zomba
Time: 27/12/2009 20:50:43
43. Those humanisms are a sign of the coming of Jesus Christ. Beware of them. I am Nelson Kapira .Kasisi. Karonga Time: 27/12/2009 20:50:31
44. Who is sponsoring u guys? Muvulala. (You will be injured). GOD is good. Amon Ndeketu.Kasungu. Time: 27/12/2009 20:49:09
45. Harboring secular humanism is to harbor evil. Malawi and rest of the world does not need that. H. Mtushera, Machinga.Time: 27/12/2009 20:48:59
46. Bravo Humanists.Atsogoleri Achikhristu asadye. (Christian leaders should not eat)-Time: 27/12/2009 20:47:37
47. Let every Malawian know that these are the end times. Lets pray for our Malawi. Those umunthu (humanists) guys should repent. God should help them through. Ruth Shaba Gulliver. Time: 27/12/2009 20:44:47
48. Fools say to themselves, “There is no God.” Zausatana muno ayi! ( No Satanism here in Malawi) -I’m Michael Chibvumbula. Dowa district. Time: 27/12/2009 20:42:51
49. God does not exist. He is in your head. Grow up Christians. How can you believe in a speaking snake? John Banda, Lilongwe. Time: 27/12/2009 20:41:29.
50. Please ask these humanists. Which book are they using and when did they come to Malawi? Where were they all this time? With Christianity, blind people are able to see. Gasana Mponela. Time: 27/12/2009 20:39:10
51. Auzeni zoona nkhani ya mulungu siyoseweletsa. Akutsutsawo apemphelereni a chakwela kuti amudziwe yesu. (Tell them the truth because God issues are not for play. Pastor Chakwera, pray to those humanist opposers so that they know Jesus) -Gogo Chalo Kalumba, ll. Time: 27/12/2009 20:39:10
52. Abodza enawo chikritsu ndiye chowona.Palibe chimene akudziwa.Tiwathandize mapemphelo ndi mayitanidwe.( Those humanists are lying. Christianity is the truth. Those humanists do not know anything. Let us help them by praying and god callings) – Gift Magunda, Kabindiza Village –Dedza district. Time: 27/12/2009 20:37:39
53. Christianity is real. Gents don’t play God. God is the source of all good things coz he is also good. J G Kajawa (Mtakataka). Time: 27/12/2009 20:36:18
54. Mulungu awakhululukire awo pakuti sakudziwa chimene akuchita. (Let God forgive those humanists because they do not know what they are doing)-Mary Hudson Phiri. Mthang’ombe Village,T/A.Masumbankhunda, Lilongwe. Time: 27/12/2009 20:35:50
55. Christianity is the only solution for human to continue living in harmony because other ways of life have failed to bring peace to the world. Jumpha Mkandawire, Karonga; Time: 27/12/2009 20:35:38
56. Humanism can easily bring disunity, people will not respect each other and as a result the nation will fall down. Bright Nowa- Kataya School-Lilongwe. Time: 27/12/2009 20:34:08
57. We love because God is love.1 John 4:8.Therefore, Christianity definitely is good for us Malawians. Wiseman Hudson Fredrick, Mthang’ombe Vg, Lilongwe. Time: 27/12/2009 20:29:10
58. Christianity is a relationship. A relationship demands communication and the bible is a collection of letters to Christians and no humanist will ever understand them. Again! How did matter come into being? A renowned physicist Max Planc confirms that there is nothing like matter per se. All matter exists through a force and behind that force there is an intelligent mind. Can humanists tell me the intelligent mind behind the aforesaid force? Real science will never contradict the Bible but today’s science contradicts evolution. Evolution is nothing but pure guess work. Harris Kumwenda in Area 23. Time: 27/12/2009 20:28:46
59. I say no GOD, no life. From Mchinji district. I am JOSHUA! Time: 27/12/2009 20:27:15
60. To you Humanists. What do you think can Malawians benefit if it is turned into Humanism. Time: 27/12/2009 20:23:08
61. I agree with Pastor Nick. I am a walking testimony of Christ. I know Him personally. I know that He healed- Time: 27/12/2009 20:22:43
62. Malawians set their morals thru Constitution & Laws. We don’t need god to set these for us. Phil. Lilongwe. Time: 27/12/2009 20:21:37
63. God is real and why are u speaking his name anyhow. His name should be respected. Vincent Mbwaga, Kaporo, Karonga District. Time: 27/12/2009 20:21:05
64. God is real you can’t say that humanist work at last u meet judgement. Rashid from Salima district.
Time: 27/12/2009 20:18:52
65. I am Matola from Mchinji. My comment is that we have to follow Christianity to have the blessed country. Time: 27/12/2009 20:18:52
66. Secular Humanism should not divert Christians. Why do they exist on earth? Christianity is real. G. Makalani, Mkanakhoti, Kasungu District. Time: 27/12/2009 20:18:46
67. To the seculars. Can they simply tell where they were before they came on earth? Who is their ancestor? Where are they coming from and going? May God forgive. Paul -Salima District. Time: 27/12/2009 20:17:00
68. Why are humans and animals not evolving, no monkeys becoming humans? Frank, Dedza District. Time: 27/12/2009 20:12:18

In total 73 phone-ins were received and the Moderator deleted five that he thought were bordering on obscenity. His apologies has been received as the Association wanted to read those ones as well for purpose of our strategies in promoting Humanism in Malawi.

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