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Posted by on Dec 15, 2009 in sinner ministries' "proof of the existence of god" | 0 comments

Sye TenBruggencate: “I will not contribute to your desperate need for attention.

In the comments to the preceding post on Sye’s proof of the existence of God, I asked Sye TenBruggencate to link his “Sinner Ministries” site to this blog, and also asked him to ask Eric Hovind to link his videos of interviews with Sye to this blog. He said he would “love it” if Hovind linked. I said:

”OK Sye, then please now email Hovind asking for this link to be included and please copy me into the email, and also paste it up here so we can see you have done it.”

Sye refused. I said:

“But why would this be self-serving if you have so clearly WON, eh? Surely you would be HUMILIATING ME? Surely that’s the last thing I’d want. So go on, then: request that link! If you would really “love it” why not ask Hovind? What have you to lose, and I to gain?”

He still refused. I said:

“But now I am puzzled. You work very hard making sure as many people as possible know about your ideas and arguments. Videos, books, interviews, etc. So WHY NOT HERE?

If YOU have made ME look like a twit, why not spread the word about that? After all, you said you’d mentioned me in an interview already. So why not show people the PROOF that you’ve WON this debate, eh?

Saying, “I just don’t want to give you publicity” seems very odd indeed, if the publicity would actually damage my reputation and very much add to your other promotional work.

Personally, if I thought I’d won a debate with you, I’d be very quick to link to you and Hovind. Wouldn’t occur to me say “Ooh, better not link as that’ll just give them publicity”. (Oh wait, I DID include those links, didn’t I?).

Yet you refuse to link the other way.

Interesting, eh?

Sye can explain himself further here, if he wishes.

Do please link to this post, so as to make sure as many people searching for “sinner ministries”, “Sye TenBruggencate”, etc. end up here as possible.

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