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Posted by on Feb 6, 2009 in climbing | 5 comments

Alps 2009

Getting quite excited about going to Alps this summer (with a guide). We may well do the Dent Du Geant – which has fixed ropes but looks spectacular. You abseil off the top (see video).

I have added couple of black and white ones I took last time I was climbing in the Alps which was ages ago. Midi-Plan traverse and Aiguille de la Perseverance.


  1. Not directly related to the Dent, but you might appreciate this video dyno is just nuts

  2. Yes I’ve seen that before. I am not a v good rock climber – just competent. But you do need to be good for the Alps. I have never used a guide before so this will give me the chance to do stuff I wouldn’t otherwise do.

  3. I meant – you DON’T need to be good for the Alps (luckily!)

  4. Damn, you could not pay me enough money to do that.

  5. Just thinking about abseiling off that lump of rock makes me nervous.

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