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Posted by on Dec 7, 2008 in Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya) | 7 comments

Oktar’s lawyer gets in touch…

Dear Sir,

We have realized that various sections on the link of your blog contain groundless and wrong statements directed at my client, Mr. Adnan Oktar.
Please note that the article of the Turkish Daily News entitled “The Force Behind the Adnan Hoca Operation: Agar’s Revenge” , which you cited on your blog, was removed from the newspaper’s site upon our request to the site administration and application to the court. So we kindly urge you to remove this article as well, as the orginal links containing this article, and
As for the other citations on your blog, for example the one from the link, we already applied to the court for the closure of this link. As you may already know, the access to, who ignored our warnings numerous times in the past regarding the removal of some blogs with similar content, has been suspended by a court ruling and the whole site has been blocked.
T other citation from the site has to be removed as well since the original link has already been removed and the site closed with a court order.

Waiting to hear from you soon

Best Regards
Attorney Ceyhun Gokdogan


Thanks – is this merely a request, or is there some sort of threat of legal action if I don’t do what you want?

best wishes


The offending blog is here: An invitation to meet Mr Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya, aka Adnan Hoca) – “future ruler of the entire world”?

You can read about Oktar’s success in blocking all wordpress blogs here:
Shooting the messenger
A Turkish court has ordered the blocking of blog platform WordPress. Is this the first sign of Islamist censorship in the secular state?


  1. Someone has to clean the toilets: If the Turkish government wants to prevent its citizens from having a factual educations, it might as well be them.

  2. hmmm,I suspect that more than rich wahabbis have discovered the usefullness of British libel law. (Didn’t a rich Middle-Easter manage to stop a book published elsewhere, in a British court – last year?)So besides the scientologists(who obviously hold litigation as a sacrament), I suspect that this Turkish cultist would like to give it a try, as well. CassandersIn Cod we trust

  3. Thanks Nathan – look forward to seeing the piece.

  4. I think I probably have two options – do nothing and, like Dawkins, become “banned in Turkey”. Or, remove the quotes they mention and replace with “Removed under threat of legal action by the lawyers of Adnan Oktar” and then add links to the info about what he has already got banned. I think option 2 is probably more damaging to Oktar than the original quotes, so it’s probably what I will do.

  5. My opinion, for what it’s worth: If you do anything at all that is construed as “damaging” to Oktar (like option No.2), you’ll end up getting banned anyway. I would rather you just stuck by your guns from the beginning. “Removed under threat of legal action by the lawyers of Adnan Oktar” looks like he intimidated you into doing so, no matter what the reality of the situation. And besides, blogs are international. Why should the rest of the world not be able to read something just because Mr Oktar finds it offensive?

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