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  1. Oh, the teapot’s a bit dissapointing. I was hoping for something showing a teapot orbiting the sun somewhere between Earth’s and Mars’s orbits.

  2. That’s quite a lot for a mug. Or a t-shirt. I guess I’ll have to stay naked for a while longer.

  3. Jackie – you mean done diagrammatically? I could do that…

  4. Yeh sorry Fergus, that’s just their price –

  5. Stephen, two of the best Russell’s teapots I’ve seen are here and here (scroll down to #22 for the latter). Maybe Jackie means something like the first one? (Not sure about copyright, etc. though…)

  6. I’m picturing a labled diagram of the solar system. Sun, Mecury, Venus, Earth, Russell’s Teapot, Mars… and so on. I think that would get the point accross. My cousing and I made this picture. It looks more like the teapot is orbiting Earth, but it’s still pretty cool.

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