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Posted by on Nov 25, 2008 in CFI London | 9 comments

Centre for Inquiry CARL SAGAN T-shirts now available

You can go to an on-line store here. We are not making any profit on these – but if you want to donate a couple of quid, go to and hit the “Support CFI UK” button.

The Sagan picture shirts are on white or light colour only. Otherwise choose any colour you want. Hit the shirt to get the colour options.

I might pull the picture shirts shortly, depending on copyright issues, so if you want one get in right now!

These T-shirts are all Carl Sagan themed. Later, if I feel inspired, I may do e.g. a twee “Russell’s Teapot” and an all-action “Bullshit Force!” (perhaps based on the A-Team, only with Russell, Sagan, Dawkins, and Randi as Mr T) version.


  1. The link isn’t working for me. I like the Russle’s Teapot shirt idea.

  2. Link stopped working but is working again now I think, Jackie.Will sort out Russell’s teapot.

  3. Um, does this mean we American’s cannot order the t-shirts? I tried, and there’s no “U.S.” option for the address country.If anyone would like to buy us a few shirts and send them, we’d pay good money for them. 🙂 We’d need a woman’s small, man’s large, and man’s medium.

  4. I’ll post you some. Give me bit to sort out how. Maybe you could pay me via paypal?The other thing is – I can send you the image and you can just whip up your own versions at an equivalent US site, of which I’m sure there are many.

  5. I could pay via Paypal fairly easily. My Jackie says she might rather wait for Russell’s Teapot, though. I rather like that one, too. Yeah, maybe we’ll just wait. Thanks though!

  6. There seems to be a typo on the long sleeved shirt – you might want to check it. (applie pie)?

  7. I have put up a Russell’s teapot. But perhaps not to Jackie’s taste? let me know.I could do one with Russell’s face in the teapot, or bigger teapot, or ….

  8. There are badges and mugs too, now. I don’t suppose we’ll sell many – or perhaps any. But fun designing them.

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