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Posted by on Oct 27, 2008 in CFI London | 9 comments

Centre For Inquiry website launched.

The cfi London website is now fully functional. Comments please…

Go here.

Many thanks to David McKeegan for doing an excellent job.

Use or Do not use or as they take you to the US site which we are not now using.


  1. Looks good – the event in January looks very interesting, if I have time I’ll try and get down there.You need more events though…

  2. The main site will hopefully be updated but that’s a discussion we’re having with their web guy. Politics….in the meantime or http://www.cfiuk.orgwhich are more elegant in any case.bestStephen

  3. Are any events planned for outside London?

  4. Leicester. Can do Nottingham, Birmingham etc

  5. hmmmm,I see what you are aiming at, butisn’t focal point II (as currently written) more or less a direct description of “the naturalistic fallacy”? CassandersIn Cod we trust

  6. Perhaps CFI London could award an annual ‘quack of the year’ prize, like the one in the Netherlands, as reported by David Colquhoun yesterday: (the Meester Kackadorisprijs)

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