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Posted by on Mar 28, 2008 in events | 2 comments

King’s Philosophical Theology Seminar

I am giving a short presentation on the evil god challenge at 11am 29th April. Details and full programme here.

King’s Philosophical Theology Seminar

28-29 April 2008
King’s College London, Strand, River Room

A workshop providing a forum of discussion for work in progress in
philosophical theology. Organized by the *Centre for the History of
Philosophical Theology*.

Please contact Dr Maria Rosa Antognazza (


  1. Professor Law, This is off the topic of your post on “King’s Seminar,” but I’m hoping that you will notice this comment and give me a quick response. I was talking to a coworker (I’m an English instructor at Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, Ca), and he told me that an anti-abortion group, at a mall in Los Angeles, was passing out Dr. Seuss’ book, “Horton Hears a Who.” I have two small children, and have the book at home, and when I read it again, I saw an anti-abortion analogy functioning in it, but what struck me most was that Plantinga’s “sensus divinitatus” (which has always sounded to me like a dental disease) is in the story. I’d urge you to get a copy and take a look yourself. Horton (because of his big elephant ears) has a sense not readily available to others. He has a direct experience of hearing a city of little “people” on a flower, but cannot convince others of his direct perception. Anyway, Seuss’ book struck me as a reflection on epistimology, and another way to come at the whole “sensus divinitatus” issue that you’ve been discussing in earlier posts. Also, I assume that you are writing a book that includes this subject, and that you might be in search of amusing analogies. I hope that I put you on a trail to something useful.–Santi Tafarella (Ca)

  2. Thanks – I have never read it but will buy a copy this week…

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