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Posted by on Feb 6, 2008 in Ibrahim Lawson | 0 comments

Latest response to Ibrahim Lawson

This is a brief response to the several comments Ibrahim Lawson has made here. Ibrahim has been defending Islam been suggesting that Islam is mystical, beyond the reach of reason, etc.

Hello Ibrahim

The appeal to mystery and the mystical has of course been a bog-standard technique of cultists and other purveyors of snake oil down through the centuries whenever they are accused of talking cobblers.

Pointing out that their belief makes no sense provokes such responses as –

“But you are applying Western-techno-rationality, yet failing to acknowledge its own limits.”

“It does all make sense – only in some way inaccessible to us mere humans.”

and so on…

In this way, the cultists make a virtue of the fact their belief system doesn’t make any sense (indeed a logical contradiction in what they believe is considered a plus!)

The failure is not theirs for believing a load of patent nonsense, but ours for failing to be humble and sophisticated to recognise the sublime depths of their world-view!

It’s the Emperor’s New Clothes, in other words.

Is there some reason why we should find these moves any more convincing in this case?

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