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  1. Well, that would explain my pitchfork and bifurcated tail, I suppose…!And you’d think that these signs wouldn’t be all that common, but in my little slice of the universe – aka. Illinois/Indiana – signs like these are a dime a dozen. And frankly, all it really comes down to is marketing: how do you get more butts in the seats to listen to your spiel and then fork over cash into the donation plate.

  2. Dear repressed one. I sympathize. By the way, if you see a good one locally, email jpeg to me and I’ll put it up.

  3. No it is a real sign from churchsigngenerators stock of genuine signs.

  4. Ah, my mistake. Thanks for the clarity. I was hoping things weren’t THAT bad but no such luck. 🙂 (I was anonymous from above)

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