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Posted by on Apr 14, 2007 in morality depends on religion? | 0 comments

Bruce Anderson on “moral necessity of Christianity”

Here, by the way, is Independent columnist Bruce Anderson recently repeating the same tired old neo-con guff that I tackle in the post below, but with the added point that only a robust Christian culture can withstand the onslaught of Islam.

That Anderson has been reading the U.S. neo-cons is perhaps suggested by the following passage (read it, then compare it to the quotes from Bork, Himmelfarb and Kristol about our “moral capital” being “depleted” in my post below).

“…one point should have occurred to the adherents of [atheism], at least in a Christian country. Even if they reject faith, it might be better if not too many others followed their example. In the West, we have a vast cultural and intellectual heritage. But our ethical heritage is sadly depleted.”

Here too is Melanie Phillips promoting the same “to hell in a hand-basket” neo-con line. Her main point seems to be that only the religious are prepared to really fight (Islam) and die for what they believe.

The post below is taken from my book The War For Children’s Minds. Anderson inspired me to put it up.

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