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Posted by on Feb 7, 2007 in god, intelligent design | 1 comment

The God of Eth

Those who believe that the universe shows signs of intelligent design often draw the conclusion the designer must be the Judeo-Christian God – a being that is all-powerful and all-good. But of course, the conclusion that the designer is all-powerful and all-good is no more warranted on this evidence than is the conclusion that the designer is all-powerful and all-evil (which would clearly be a ridiculous thing to conclude, wouldn’t it?).

Worse still, there is surely overwhelming evidence against the good-god hypothesis (probably about as much as there is against the evil-god hypothesis, I’d suggest).

Check out the following article published in Skeptical Inquirer that I wrote on this issue. The God of Eth.

I will be developing the “God of Eth” argument further over the course of this year, in reply to comments on it from other philosophers, including Richard Swinburne and Tim Mawson.

1 Comment

  1. read it. well written, well recieved. bravo. more to say, but not of significance~

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