• Chart of the Week – Self-Loathing Nones

    Staks Rosch has written elsewhere about the “rise of the nones” here in the U.S., as have I on a few previous occasions. What we didn’t write about before was this report which came out just last July and which examines the attitudes of Americans towards the general increase in irreligiousity. Here is the money chart:

    Notice that this is a snapshot. People can move between these categories over time.
    Notice that this is a snapshot of a point in time; people can and do move between these faith communities over a lifetime.

    Maybe I’m reading the results wrong, but it seems as if the religiously unaffiliated are most likely ambivalent about whether it is good or bad to make more people like themselves, and only slightly more likely to view themselves as good for society than bad for it. I would have thought that most of these “Nones” would share my view that religious belief so often hardens hearts and closes minds that liberation therefrom is undoubtedly a positive good, and I would have been quite badly mistaken for thinking so.

    Category: Damned Lies and Statistics

    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

    Former fundie finds freethought fairly fab.