• Oklahomans weigh in on Pew report

    I’m one of the token atheists in this article from the Daily Oklahoman. It isn’t the most thorough and balanced look at the subject matter that I’ve ever seen, but at least we unbelievers were consulted this time around, and I was neither misrepresented or misquoted.

    After speaking on the phone with the reporter for most of my afternoon commute (upwards of twenty minutes) I was fascinated to see which particular bits ended up in the story. Some of the bits that were left out  were our discussion of the secularization thesis and the decline of non-digital social capital. It is possible that I just didn’t get those ideas across pithily enough. My most important point was that the trend towards non-affiliation should be seen as an opportunity, rather than a threat, by atheists and theists alike. Thankfully, that came across clearly in the article.

    For my own take on the Pew report, see here and here.

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

    Former fundie finds freethought fairly fab.