• Churches Say the Darndest Things

    As an atheist I often drive by churches throughout town and when I do I usually glance at their signs out front to see what they say. Often times they are merely advertising some church event, but other times they quote the Bible or provide some words of encouragement. And then you have some messages that appear to be so ludicrous it makes me wonder what in the world the person who thought about putting that message out there was thinking. Take the following sign for example.


    The first thing I thought about when I saw this sign was this:


    Syrian refugees torn from their homes because of the murderous policies of Bashar al-Assad and his military that has been bombing the civilian population ever since they began to follow in the steps of Egypt and demand that the dictator step down. Their plight has intensified since ISIS began their brutal takeover of much of Syria, and the fighting and bombing, and other acts of violence that have taken place.


    More images flashed through my mind. Natural disasters and other tragedies occur, but where is God?



    I do not know what is going through the mind of Christians and other theists who say that their god looks out for them. It defies all reason.

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    Article by: Arizona Atheist