• Churches Say the Darndest Things II

    As an atheist I often drive by churches throughout town and when I do I usually glance at their signs out front to see what they say. Often times they are merely advertising some church event, but other times they quote the Bible or provide some words of encouragement. And then you have some messages that appear to be so ludicrous it makes me scratch my head in befuddlement. Take the following sign for example.


    This particular sign says, “Give your life to Christ: He can do more with it than you can.”

    Talk about a demotivator!

    I felt so bad for anyone who takes this message to heart. It’s essentially telling believers (and so many impressionable children!) that they don’t have the power to do anything worthwhile with their lives. That nothing they do is because they accomplished it, or because they applied their talents to completing a particular task. This sign tells them that without Jesus they can’t do anything right. I think that is downright disgusting and downright irresponsible for a church to be spreading this kind of message.

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    Article by: Arizona Atheist