• I Am Finished Blogging…

    I have been blogging for just over ten years. Other than my long solo blogging career, within that time I have also had the privilege to write with the many great writers and scholars at Skeptic Ink for the last few years. It’s been a pleasure writing and conversing with everyone and I wish everyone the best.

    I remember when I first began blogging sometime in 2005-2006. I had a dinky little blog at a yahoo.com domain where I mostly wrote about the very little I knew the Bible and the snake-oil salesman Ray Comfort. Over the years I read more books about Christianity and other religions, and I decided to dedicate myself to exposing other Christian apologists. I did so to both inform others of their logical and factual errors, but also to gain knowledge for myself so I could know the truth.

    I used my blogs as a kind of sounding board to get feedback about my ideas and it’s been very helpful. At this point, I feel like I still have much to learn, but that the biggest questions I had have already been answered, and that it’s only the minor details I have to figure out now. For that I don’t believe blogging is necessary. I just plan on continuing my self-education and reading more books.

    I plan on creating an archive of some of my most relevant blog posts. Most of my book reviews and critiques I will keep at my original domain, located here. Most of these I spent an enormous amount of time on, sometimes months or years, and quite a bit of money buying the necessary books used to write them, so I would hate for them to just disappear and not be available for anyone to read.

    In the meantime I can still be reached at ArizonaAtheist[AT]mail[dot]com.

    Thank you for reading and for all of your support. Take care.

    Ken (“Arizona Atheist”)

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