• When You Thought the TSA Couldn’t Get Any Dumber…

    When you thought the TSA couldn’t get any dumber The Intercept has just released a piece about a screening manual used by the TSA that supposedly aids in spotting behavior patterns of suspected terrorists.

    I can hear Jeff Foxworthy now… ‘You might be a terrorist if…’

    – You are fidgeting!

    – You have sweaty palms!

    – You are whistling!

    – You have a bobbing Adam’s apple!

    – You arrive late for your flight! Wait, what?!

    – You are rubbing or wringing your hands!

    – You have a “pale face” after just recently shaving your beard!

    And the number one sign you are a terrorist is…

    – If you excessively complain about the screening process!

    Doesn’t it feel good? Our tax dollars working hard to keep you safe!? (By the way, it was reported that this program has cost an estimated $900 million since the program began in 2007)

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    Article by: Arizona Atheist