• The Bible is Not a Book Children Should Be Reading

    I was out and about this week and as I often do I came upon a table full of books and I could not help but to look them over to see if anything piqued my curiosity. I happened to find a bible, but just not any bible. It was an “Adventure Bible,” a bible that supposedly was very popular with young people.












    I was curious how this bible – a book that contains incest, murder, and rape within its pages – edited the text for the innocent eyes and minds of a child. I flipped to one of the more gruesome and infamous passages, Hosea 13:16, and lo and behold there it was. I was surprised to even find such a passage in a book that’s purported to be for children, but I was even more shocked when I saw that it was entirely unedited!













    I do not think good parents ought to allow their children to read a book like this.

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    Article by: Arizona Atheist