• Farewell John Loftus

    It came as a shock but a few days ago John Loftus, co-founder of SketpicInk, has decided to leave the network he helped to create. I entirely understand his reasons for this decision and I wish him well. Readers rest assured, he will continue his quest of destroying the foundations of Christianity at his original blog, Debunking Christianity.

    I’d like to give a big thank you to Mr. Loftus for inviting me to the network. It’s been a great pleasure working with such a talented and knowledgeable crusader against Christianity. In honor of his work, here are a few reviews of his most recent books. They’re excellent. Read them and learn from them.

    God or Godless: A Review of John Loftus’ and Randal Rauser’s New Book

    Buy God or Godless on Amazon.com!

    A Review of ‘The Outsider Test for Faith,’ by John W. Loftus

    Buy The Outsider Test for Faith on Amazon.com!

    Good luck and take care! Don’t be a stranger, now! :- )

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    Article by: Arizona Atheist