• Global Warming Denial is Sickening to Watch

    With the occurrence of Hurricane Sandy, along with the severe drought and higher temperatures world wide, I am shocked that so many refuse to acknowledge the reality of climate change. A large part of this seems to be religiously motivated, as a majority of religious-minded people are to blame for this lack of awareness.

    During a recent Mitt Romney rally in Virginia a man in the crowd shouted, “climate change caused Sandy!” He then unfurled a banner that read “End Climate Silence.” The man was quickly drowned out by the rest of the crowd’s repeated chanting of “U-S-A!”and the man was then escorted from the event.

    I had several emotions that flashed through my mind while watching and listening to the video (provided in the link). This man’s pleas are more than rational with everything that has been happening the last few years, and this year in particular with nationwide drought and several hurricanes that have caused so much destruction and despair. I was angered when the crowd began chanting “U-S-A” because if left unchecked this country these people love so much will no longer be here!

    To watch an excellent talk by the NCSE’s Eugenie Scott about the similar tactics of the evolution and global warming deniers, click here. It took place September 15, 2011 in Glasgow, Scotland.

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    Article by: Arizona Atheist