• Deluded, Diluted Dream

    Last night, I dreamt that I moved to Georgia to help some family members with an issue. After the issue was over, I wanted to move back to Los Angeles, but was stuck in GA for a while because I didn’t have the money to move back across the country. I got an office job. I shared an office with a really nice lady. She was sick and was taking homeopathic pills. She told me that she was excited to try these new pills and couldn’t wait to feel better. I nicely and rationally explained to her that there are no active ingredients in homeopathic pills. She told me she had “faith” that they would work. Weeks went by and what she thought was a simple cold had now turned into what was likely bronchitis. But she wouldn’t see a doctor, so we didn’t know for sure. Since it was at the point of being dangerous and potentially life-threatening, especially since she was in her 60s, I asked to see what she was taking. I took the bottle and called Poison Control on speakerphone. I said, Help! I’ve overdosed! I’ve taken ten times the dosages of _____. The operator said, “Don’t worry, ma’am. There are no active ingredients in that. It’s a homeopathic pill, which means that you will be fine. You cannot overdose, as they are simply sugar pills”.

    My co-worker huffed and stormed out of the room. I did that because I was worried about her, not to embarrass her. Talking to her nicely didn’t work and neither did showing her articles from science websites. Later that day, I was called into the HR director’s room and was fired for my actions. I awoke gasping and then thankful that I was still in Los Angeles.


    Skepticism is a way of looking at the world which has empowered and protected me. But it has made for some unpleasant dreams for me, lol.

    Have you had weird dreams, fears, or real-life instances like this?

    Disclaimer: I don’t recommend ‘overdosing’ on homeopathic pills unless you thoroughly understand how to read and interpret the labeling. Even still, they aren’t regulated the way real medicine is, so you may not be ingesting what you think you are. Don’t do it; my dreams aren’t reality.

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    Article by: Cherry Teresa

    Cherry Teresa is a blogger and musician from Los Angeles, CA who includes skepticism and humanism in her work. Her music can be heard at cherryteresa.com.