• Aetna Posts Anti-GMO Graphic on Twitter

    Tweet from Aetna suggesting organic foods are good and GMOs are bad

    This promoted tweet showed up on my Twitter timeline today. It’s unsurprising to see misinformation about GMOs and chemicals on social media, but I am surprised and disappointed this is coming from Aetna, a health insurance company. While this image doesn’t explicitly state to avoid GMOs, the quotes around “Grown” suggest that GMO foods are bad. They are not. For organic, I’m not sure what “Grown without chemicals” means. Everything is made up of chemicals, including water and the foods themselves. Do they mean pesticides? Because organic does not mean pesticide-free. And GMOs reduce pesticide use in some cases. It’s also worth noting that Snopes has written that these codes shouldn’t be relied upon by consumers.

    While Aetna’s tweet did get a lot of retweets and likes, the replies weren’t so supportive. 🙂

    Responses from Twitter to Aetna criticizing their pro-organic, anti-GMO tweet

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    Article by: Cherry Teresa

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