(Submitted by reader Thomas F)

One time in high school I was at a friend’s house on a Sunday and we were sitting around bored when out-of-the-blue, completely unprompted, I said, “Let’s do the Ouija Board.”  We got it out and it seemed unusually responsive so we began asking more than ‘yes or no’ questions like everybody’s birthday, etc. and the board was nailing it.

Side note:  (Now personally, even as a kid, I wondered if people were subtly influencing the Ouija Board with their fingertips so something would happen and they could get the answers they wanted. I didn’t know of the word ‘ideomotor’ yet.)

Anyway, a mutual friend stopped by with his new girlfriend of 2 days and introduced her to everyone.  They saw what we were doing and she (Debbie) suggested we ask it her middle name since there was no way we could know it.  The board very responsively spelled out S-U-E.  Her jaw dropped and she screamed out, “Oh, my God, I don’t believe that, Sue is my middle name!!”  Then she pulled out her driver’s license and verified it.

Still haven’t figured that one out yet.