(Submitted by listener Michael Sohns)

Not really a story, but as I’m listening to your theme music, I couldn’t help but think that it sounded familiar. Here’s a link to an old sports program’s theme music that may sound familiar:

Could Mr. Dalton have done a George Harrison?

Below is the response from our good friend Brian Keith Dalton aka Mr. Deity. Also, visit Mr. Deity here.

Hey Wendy!

That’s freaky! Although not that unusual. I think every musician has had this happen to them. My stepson is going to UOP and studying music composition. Last semester, he wrote a piece in which one section was nearly identical to the theme from the movie “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.” I picked up on it and played it for him and he was freaked out.

But there are only twelve notes, and music has been around for a very long time. It’s not all that shocking to find something like this. B

P.S.: My Dad was a big boxing fan. I’d be interested in finding out how long that theme played on TV. There’s the possibility that I heard it when I was very young, and subliminally reproduced it. Not likely, but possible. It’s far more likely that I simply wrote something very similar without ever hearing the original.

Thank you, Michael, for the question. And thank you, B, for the answer!