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Synchronized Shrek in Stereo

(Submitted by reader Joey D)

While watching the third installment of the Shrek series, I wondered who was performing the voice of Rumplestiltskin so, naturally, I Googled my question. I clicked on the YouTube link, as I thought it would most likely show me the person doing the voice. It was video of a series of clips from the movie. As it began to play, the scene on the video was in perfect sync with the scene playing on my television!

[EDITOR: Now let’s add Dark Side of the Moon into the mix and see what we get…]

(Submitted by reader Joey D)

I was working in my yard and I came across several plants that I found very interesting and unusual. I knew they were “weeds” as I hadn’t planted them myself, but I had no idea what they were.

I picked one, roots and all and went into the house to see if I could identify it on Google. I walked in and a woman on the television walked straight toward the camera, holding the exact same plant and said, “This is wild garlic.” I gasped! It wasn’t even a story on gardening, but rather, it was a news piece on how difficult it is for the care-givers taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient.

[EDITOR: All right, all right, this one IS just plain eerie. Even I’d be pretty darn startled by it.]