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(Submitted by our friend of the blog, and our producer/sound engineer, Brian Hart)

I was in line at Costco, listening to a new episode of The Skeptics Guide To The Universe. My friend, Derek, was being interviewed on the show for the first time, and was discussing his investigation of a Swiss UFO cult.

He got to the part where he mentions the name Michael Horn, the American rep of this cult.  I looked in line ahead of me and saw a girl wearing this sweatshirt that says “Fear the Horn”.

I whipped out my camera phone and took this picture. Me so horny???

[EDITOR: The above story is presented unedited, and its puns do not represent the views of the TOMBC staff. Although we didn’t help any by perpetuating them in the title. We’re only human.]

Same old news

(Submitted by friend of the blog, Derek Bartholomaus)

Recently I was listening to an old episode of Radio Lab.  It was the Mortality episode from June 14, 2007.  The episode was all about various lengths of life and part of the discussion was about various animals that never grow old such as lobsters and tortoises.

Later that same day I decided to browse through io9 and discovered this article, which is all about how tortoises and lobsters never grow old and may hold the key to immortality.

The Odds Must Be Crazy!

[EDITOR: Something tells me the lobsters in Maine don’t agree on that immortality thing…]