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(Submitted by friend of the blog, Brian Hart)

I was listening to George Hrab’s Podcast (episode #240) on my iPod while heading out to one of my familiar lunch spots in Santa Monica, CA.  In this episode, George did a bit called “The History Chunk”, where he tells what happened on this particular date in history, usually in chronological order, and then makes some kind of joke about it. He mentions how in 1982, boxer Duk Koo Kim died after a bout with Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini.

Thirty seconds later I see Ray Mancini having lunch in the very restaurant I was walking into.  I clandestinely snap his picture.

Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini

You could have knocked me over with a boxing glove!

[EDITOR: You’re lucky Ray didn’t knock you over bareknuckled for taking clandestine photos of him while he’s trying to have a nice meal. Watch your back…]

Bleak Winters

(Submitted by friend of the blog, Susan Gerbic)

Both of my grandmothers died on the same day, December 18th; one in 1925 the other in 1954. We always thought that was odd, but still not quite that odd. Then when in 1996 my then husband’s grandmother died on December 18th we really starting questioning it. The remaining grandmother was still alive at this time. Three out of three, that’s really interesting odds. If I might add in one more, when we were telling my husband’s step-father of this coincidence, he went into another room and brought out his mother’s death certificate. Same death date, December 18th.

All the grandmothers in our family, biological and step had died, on the same day. This was all before 2000; since then the remaining grandmother has now died and she died in March.