(Submitted by reader Dave R)

I grew up and attended school in the Pacific Northwest. Immediately after graduating from college in 1977, I moved to Southern California to accept a job. I soon made some new friends, and one in particular that I began hanging out with on the weekends. This friend liked having a donut for breakfast in the morning, something I never did.

So several months after moving here, one Saturday morning found me in a donut shop with my friend. The guy behind the counter had been one of my classmates in college. OK, so far an interesting coincidence, but not THAT amazing that two guys that both grew up 1,500 miles away would run into each other like that, even if neither of us had said anything to the other about moving to Orange County, CA.

Another thing this friend got me to do was to start buying music tapes. I was always the frugal type, and just listened to whatever was on the radio while driving. So just a few months after the encounter above, I went to a Wherehouse Records in a different city with my new friend. Sure enough, there was my college classmate behind the counter again.

[EDITOR: Insert generic joke about the lack of job stability in college graduates here.]