This is a test post. You can safely ignore it. Or inform all your friends. Honestly, the choice is yours. But they’ll probably lose some trust in your advice if you do. Just sayin’.

In our never-ending quest to improve our site (remember the “under construction” text and images on old web pages, ignoring the fact that any good site should always be undergoing work?), we had to clean up a little issue with our Twitter extension that was posting junk links, presumably when we added or edited posts not ready for public view. Not sure why, but the fix was similar to the one we employed to improve our submission form: switch to the WordPress Jetpack feature that does the same. As WordPress grows and improves, it seems to slowly bring in some of the most valuable features we needed to rely on third-parties to achieve before, and often with its own advantages.

For this change, we’ve noticed that our Twitter updates now include a little “show media” link on them that will let you preview the post directly on Twitter. Pretty cool, huh? But don’t judge a book [blog post] by its cover [excerpt]. Click the link and read the whole story!

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