Dear wonderful people who read our blog and listen to our mini-podcast on Skepticality,

It’s been drawn to our attention recently that the reduction in story submissions we’ve noticed as of late isn’t due to some unique alteration in the earth’s magnetic field that’s caused our loyal fans to stop thinking to tell us every time something ridiculous happens to them but is, in fact, due to an unknown technical error that’s keeping us from receiving their stories. That’s right, apparently you’ve been sending us stories that we never received! The horror! The inhumanity! The fruit cake!

So with this in mind, we’ve switched our contact form from a third-party add-on to the newer form WordPress supports directly in hopes that we’ll get more reliable submissions. In addition, it allows for a much prettier, better-formatted submission page, so EVERYBODY WINS*!

Which leads us to a request: If in the last couple of months you’ve submitted a story to us and NOT received a personal thank-you from a member of our team (nearly always Wendy), please resubmit it now via the normal Submit page, or at least send in an inquiry to make sure we didn’t miss it. We’ll be eternally* grateful, and you’ll get your second shot at fame and fortune*.

Thanks as always for your support, and we look forward to your story submissions. Again. And sorry. Again.

*This claim has not been verified.

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